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Kontaktnätet is a non profit and non governmental organisation that unites non profit and non governmental culture organisations throughout Sweden. Kontaktnätet was formed back in 1974. We have about 100 member organisations across all of Sweden and many of these are concert and event organisers in the culture field, mainly music and live music.  Kontaktnätet provides help and support.

Our values
Kontaktnätet believe in human rights and inclusivity and we believe that music and art makes the world a better place. The importance of being able to express oneself, to create art and organise culture events without a main focus to make a profit from is what drives us and many of our members. Kontaktnätet believe in democracy. We do not control our member organisations: they control Kontaktnätet and every two years at the ”kongress” they elect a new board of members.

Network and collaborations
Kontaktnätet are members of various networks like MAIS, Ax, Föreningen Norden and more. We welcome international networks and organisations from our field who also share our values who wish to cooperate.

Contact us
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